Thursday, 17 April 2014

Must Have #3: Bio Velocity Sleep Mate BVSM

YES! ramai yang tahu atau perasan... kaitan tentang tidur yang berkualiti dengan penjagaan kesihatan. Kalau kita mendapat tidur yang nyenyak, tidur yang berkualiti...tahap kesihatan kita juga terpelihara, InshaaAllah. Betul kan? Maka pemilihan peralatan tidur sangat penting, contohnya jenis tilam, lampu, aircond, air purifier dan juga lapik tilam. The most common mattress protector has anti dustmite and cushion-like function. But the ones that we have, my family and my parents and parents-in-law and my sister's family as well is Bio Velocity Sleep Mate BVSM.

Our Bio Velocity Sleep Mate BVSM has anti dustmite function, utilize Korean technology to fuse solar energy from the morning sun into particles of sea salt, then the sea salt is sewn into my mattress protector...all using bio velocity technology.

Initially we bought it for our parents, obviously. Lets spent our money on them, whom have brought us up lovingly. We gave Bio Velocity Sleep Mate BVSM to our parents as gift. It has many health benefits. And Bio Velocity Sleep Mate BVSM product's promises are true for our parents and ourselves too. azween sekeluarga merasakan sendiri kesan pemakaian Bio Velocity Sleep Mate BVSM ni.

Among the benefits gained from using Bio Velocity Sleep Mate BVSM... you could use it as a mattress protector or a blanket too!

  1. Previously if you woke up in the morning and experienced 'kebas-kebas kaki' or 'semut-semut' or numbness in your legs, after 3 days of sleeping on Bio Velocity Sleep Mate BVSM, that numbness is no longer there!
  2. Sometimes you sleep for long hours, but still woke up lethargy and tired, after sleeping on Bio Velocity Sleep Mate BVSM, my FIL was more energetic and could wake up and perform his night prayers easily. He didn't realize it thou, until we asked. "Abah rasa senang je bangkit tengah malam..tahajudd pun mudah ja..." Alhamdulillah
  3. Whenever the kiddos were not well such as high fever, we would wrap them in Bio Velocity Sleep Mate BVSM and the fever will subside the following day.
  4. Mommy had some back pain due to her old age, and now she hardly complains about her back. Another die-hard fan of Bio Velocity Sleep Mate BVSM!

Other benefits from friends and family:

  1. A friend with slip disc, conveyed that by sleeping on Bio Velocity Sleep Mate BVSM, it ease his back pain while at home. It doesn't cure the slip disc but provide more comfort. Very trueee...
  2. An asthmatic lady confirmed that despite all the medication that she has taken, Bio Velocity Sleep Mate BVSM helped her to cough-out or vomit her phlegm and reduced her asthmatic condition or semput...

Generally...regardless of age or health condition, (except if you have iron or metal in your body), any contact with Bio Velocity Sleep Mate BVSM will give you more stability and balanced in your posture. Now, THAT is something I could arrange... freely DEMO to you...memang nampak kesannya dengan kadar segera.

Pokok pangkalnya, pemakaian Bio Velocity Sleep Mate BVSM gives you extra comfort and ease your pain tremendously. What more if you are in good condition, with minimal pain or illness, Bio Velocity Sleep Mate BVSM helps to strengthen your health condition and promotes awet muda!

How does it work? Bio Velocity Sleep Mate BVSM to balance the energy in your body, and help to regulate blood circulation.

Memang BEST sangat tidur nyenyak dengan Bio Velocity Sleep Mate BVSM. Get yours NOW. Nak FREE DEMO? Feel free to ask my friends ya...

Fieqar at 019 - 2215596 and Salha at 016 - 758 4933

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