Saturday, 19 April 2014

I am UNIFI (ed)!

You need only 3 reasons to MUST HAVE UniFi, our high speed broadband service. Last week I went to a meeting for one of my corporate responsibilities. I learnt a thing or two from other that particular meeting in Putrajaya, one of them was adamant that... "broadband is no longer a luxury. Broadband IS a commodity." Something that he and his family can't live without! Aha! and he continued... "Not just broadband... but we need high speed broadband. Unifi is a MUST with the children." wahhhhhh.... dalam hatiku ada taman gitu! Woohoo! I wanted to get up and walk up to that man and shake his hands, at that instant. But cannot la kan ....

Here's my 3 reasons for being UniFi (ed!)...

  1. I'm Unifi (ed) at home and at my sis too. I'm on 20M. I love the speed. Makes all my google-ing job and task given to me by the kiddos for their homework and assignments super fast and super efficient. Hence...I'm a wikipedia for the kids! 
  2. UniFi comes with WIFI, yo! Me or the kids, or the kenits or the abah or the cousins or my helper (curlasttt okey! my maid has a lappy and she's on wifi!) or  whoever that's in the house could google or you tube anywhere in the house, atas ka bawah ka depan ka belakang ka luar rumah kat porch ka! And the signal is super strong regardless of where we are. Say bye-bye to 3G when we are at home! Our UniFi WIFI takes over... 
  3. UniFi comes with HyppMe! The channels are awesome...and come rain or thunderstorm, we still have our favourite channels. Animal Atlas, CBeebies and Discovery Kids!

Zasss zusss zasss....berdesup! Itulah UniFi.

Internet = Broadband = UniFi 

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