Friday, 28 March 2014

Ramadhan 2014

Alhamdulillah..tak lama lagi nak Ramadhan semula. Bulan untuk mengumpul pahala..inshaaAllah. Seperti biasa, macam-macam azam bila nak masuk Ramadhan...antaranya, tak nak miss terawikh di masjid la, nak masak untuk berbuka la everyday, dan of course, nak turun berkilo-kilo! hahaha

Come to think of it, we are less than 100 days to Ramadhan. We are about 94 days, tentatively on 29 June 2014. So far, what would be the usual preparations? These would be my countdown to Ramadhan...

Puasa-thon: ganti puasa to those yang belum habis mengganti. My preference would be to fast through out the week. I guess, once I take a break, teramat liat nak start ganti puasa semula...

Qur'an! Qur'an! Qur'an!: Read more of Qur'an...more pages per day and more frequent, revise my tajwid and read more of the translations as well. Have not decided thou which surahs to focus on this time around. aiyaya...

Self reflection: Take a bit more time for self. Alone. Simply to take a step back. Pull the handbrakes in life and evaluate whether what I've been doing is align to my goals.

Tailoring: Alhamdulillah, I've got good of them, have been my tailor since uni days...since my first attempt with her, way back for my graduation outfit in 1994. Memang superb la her workmanship and both of us are align with regards to, cutting and beadworks.... and she's still young, anak ramai macam diriku we sort of connect to each other!

Aha! my next tailor is an opposite. This auntie was introduced by my cousin. Orang lama yang sangat experience. This particular aunty, has great imagination and great taste too. She could imagine how the outfit would look like and whether it looks better in kebaya or kurung moden or kerawang or beads, when she sees any material...wahhhhh! macam voodoo lady untuk baju gitewww...hihihi

But both tailors have something in common....they keep track of my measurement and they would comment whether I've put on weight at the various places... adoiiii senak perut tahan nafas, everytime nak ambil measurement!

But...I have my Premium  Beautiful foundation lingerie to thank. Premium Beautiful helps to keep me in shape and supports my ageing back. One of my favourite and best investment for myself.

Shopping kain: But before I dwell into the tailoring matters, I need to buy materials for myself and girls and Tok My and niecessssss! Jakel? Euro Moda? Probably this year, we would be in purple-licious. We have never been 'sedondon' as in beli kain sepapan for everybody. We would usually just fix on a colour or shade.

Hmmm...I guess, what's new in my Ramadhan regime this year, (apart from my Premium Beautiful and BBPlus Collagen) would be my Mineral Coffee during sahur and iftar... Just what I need to keep me awake and energetic!

Looking forward to Ramadhan

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