Saturday, 29 March 2014

Must Have #2

Mineral Coffee ready to mix!

Terus terang, azween memang sangat suka kopi...tapi paling suka mestilah kopi O kampung version tuh. But, last year I had to slow down on my coffee due to health reasons. Since then, I've tried a couple of coffee mix, but let me share you my latest addiction...its Mineral Coffee!

I've delivered boxes and boxes of Mineral Coffee to family and friends. Quite a number of them have also become my partners as well. Why? Simply because Mineral Coffee not only it satisfies a coffee addict...but it is MORE than just coffee.

NO added sugar: suitable for health conscious coffee lover, diabetic patients, and a better alternative to my previous 3in1 coffee sachets.

Bamboo Salt: Woohooo! Imagine your coffee with added salt? Not just any other salt but bamboo salt! Hmmm...think of it this way...salted caramel coffee latte with whipped cream at your nearest coffee joint! Hah! Mineral Coffee is your salted coffee, mixed by you anywhere anytime...Superb kan!

Bamboo salt is known to have many health benefits.

Finest coffee beans: made from Robusta coffee, which is the main ingredient for an expresso mix. So, can you imagine...can you feel the richness of coffee aroma in your salted coffee mix, Mineral Coffee? Ahhhh.... simply the best!

INCREASE savings: What? While drinking Mineral Coffee, you get more savings...the additional income which you could use to pay for your Astro bills, TNB or Unifi bills...and later, as you share the benefits to more family and friends, you'll get to MORE and MORE! Alhamdulillah. Life is great, isn't it!

JOM! I urged you to give yourself a chance, believe that you could do this Do-able task of ...

  • simply having a taste of Mineral Coffee, your salted coffee cafe latte, and...
  • share your own experience and benefits gained from simply drinking Mineral Coffee, to your friends and family. 

Probably, this simple act of switching to Mineral Coffee daily, or even starting to drink Mineral Coffee, could get you an all-paid-for Shanghai trip!

Nak tanya lebih lagi? More details? Shanghai, Shanghai aku datang...paid by...ditaja sepenuhnya oleh Mineral Coffee!

I'm here to get you started,

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