Sunday, 23 March 2014

At least be found...

Its been 16 days. The search for MH370 intensified with the latest development. We, Malaysians are thankful for the assistance from all participating countries in the Search And Rescue. 

Our hearts reached out to the affected families...all 239 lives on board the Boeing 777-200ER. 

While many of us are not involved directly and physically in the rescue, however, their thoughts, well wishes and hope...are always in our mind, in every prayer, in our hearts... MH370 has united Malaysians regardless of race and religion and political background, to come to unity in praying for the BEST for MH370. Not only that, MH370 fosters and strengthened humanity across the globe. 

Until there is any confirmed news, let us all continue to pray and continue to hope for the BEST for MH370... least be found...

with hope

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