Friday, 28 February 2014

What's in your kebab?

It has to be chicken and loads of vegetables. My definition of vegetables, superb for kebab sessions are onions and lettuce, with tomatoes! If  I need to have sauce, it will be barbeque sauce and a bit of mayonnaise. That's it. Other than that, I feel, it would spoil my kebab...hehehe

Just like this one. It was during our recent all-paid-for trip a.k.a. free trip... to Gold Coast. On our last day, we spent half a day at Harbour Town, with the only! But I was too tired and only wanted to makan kebab! But the kebab was fantastic la...

Harbour Town tu tempat shopping yang besar juga ala-ala JPO. Maka, berpandukan peta kawasan, azween and gang pun gigih mencari tempat makanan halal dulu. There were a few halal outlets as labeled in the map. So we went hunting for our kebab. Perggghhhh...when we got to Ispaa Kebab, we were the only customer at that point of time! wooohooo!!! Kedai tu kami yang punya-lah...

My kebab was nicely wrapped in this dunno-what-bread mix with chicken meat, filled with lettuce, onions and 3 slices of tomatoes...with a thin spread of barbeque sauce! Marvelous...Scrumptious...Enak banget!  Kalau ikut hashtag my friend back in would be #makansampaiterlentang !

Macam-macam ada di Ispaa Kebab ni. Definitely a must have kalau ke Harbours Town lagi...ahaks (nak pergi lagi ke?)

Another favourite dish, if I would go to a kebab outlet would be their plate version. Sometimes they included french fries and herbs rice as well. Like this one, we had last year. It was during our all-paid-for trip a.k.a. free trip to London and Paris. After a tour visit to Fragonard, we hunt for our kebab and found the nearest kebab somewhere nearby Lafayette!

AWESOME!!! Obviously I would require more time to finish up my meal. So we spent almost 2 hours in this underground dining area, listening to the pipe music and observing the restaurant workers bustling around their customers. Tengok je la daging ayam tu...memang serious juicy, cukup herbs tak terlalu ber-rempah, just nice gitu...the rice was light, tak berminyak, disulam pula salad with light garnishing....topped with slightly salted french fries...wahhhhhhh I tell you!!! Memang HEAVENLY....SEDAP TERANGKAT!!!

This kebab outlet in Paris was extremely busy, but the service was fantastic. Definitely another must have during our coming visits.

Oh well...searching for kebab and tasting kebabs are two must have during our travels. Rasa macam tak lengkap holiday tu kalau tak ber-kebab! hahaha...

Thank you so much to Lily and Linda for sharing with me the business opportunity way back in late 2011. Thank you Linda for being persistent and gave me the confidence that I needed in this venture... from Day one until today. Thank you to hub and Lyana and partners and friends and family for your continuous support, words of encouragement and forever keeping the fire burning inside me. Thank you to CDM Hanis and CDM Raz for your coaching and mentorship for the past one year. Alhamdulillah...I'm blessed.

 Looking forward to our next kebab mission! Hmmm....already visualizing Paris and Shanghai. Kalau nak tahu macam mana nak berkebab with an all-paid-for trip juga, please do not hesitate to contact me, azween. I'll be so happy to share with you. Take care everyone...Enjoy your Friday!


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