Monday, 10 February 2014

The stairs...shall we?

They have started way back last year. So I decided to trot along. Little did I know that this stairs climbing or 'tangga thingy' is a test of your knees and lungs! Aduiiiiyaiii! What have I gotten myself into??

Firstly, it was an impromptu decision...I was in my office attire and luckily I had sport shoes at the office. Hmmm...sarung je la kasut and percubaan naik tangga dengan office pants and long jacket. Serious panas and berpeluh-peluh! But it was a good climb and a good start...hihihi (I think!)

We took the stairs from Level 7 and briefly chit chat our way up. At Level 10, you could hear more huffing and puffing compared to conversations (muahahaha) Further up...the knees weaken...NO more conversations were heard...faces turned reddish...hands started grappling the railing for support...and sloooooowing down!  

Sikit lagi! Come on la ...we cheered each other up! But among us, I was lucky to have gone up my virgin-stairs-climb with a petite and determined friend...she took over the lead and marched on! So, we can't be left behind, right? It was at Level 15 (I think!) that I thought my lungs and heart would burst! Macam nak meletop jangtungku, longlai lutut ku... I thought I couldn't feel my legs and did I step on the ground or where's my feet? Hello!!! I could hardly feel my legs!

We made it to Level 18 (still with smiles on our faces!) soon afterwards. We did 2 quick pit-stop to catch our breath. But we made it! ...and we took the lift (of course!) down...still huffing and puffing! So, probably, I'll give it a second try, this week, perhaps?

I found these motivation to RUN the stairs... read it says RUN! (mak aihhhh...den panjek pun nak run!) But...thinking twice...lets give it a try la!

You can burn 500 calories with 30 minutes of running the stairs, and 
286 calories by walking the stairs for the same time...
American College of Sports Medicine (for a 150lb. woman)

I'm no where near running, but slowly and surely I'll be walking faster and soon, I'll be running the stairs (if the knee permits!) Wish me luck! Inshaa Allah...

Stay healthy everyone. You've got only one body. Be loving with yourself.


pssst: thank you to my waist nipper! I survived the first climb without any back problem. Dear waist nipper, you have been doing a GREAT job in supporting my you la...

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