Thursday, 20 February 2014

Sawan Churros? #dietkukelaut

We were first introduced to Churros or Spanish doughnut during our family trip to Melbourne, a few years ago! Memang best... Masa tu, berbaris beli churros di Queen Victoria Market, dekat van or caravan or truck, turned into mobile churros station! So, searching for churros during our recent trip to Gold Coast was a must. The first thing in our 'to-makan' list...hehehehe

Apalagi...we did more than three trips to the same churros outlet, kot! Can never get enough...nyaris nak bawa balik and tapau...but our itinerary for the last day was to Harbour town and dinner at Brisbane, and a late night flight out from Brisbane to Kuala Lumpur, transit at, memang tak boleh nak tapau!

So here goes our churros sessions...simply sedap, masak upon order, gaul dengan gula (sekali-sekala je we cheated our diet!) cicah pulak dengan chocolate sauce...makan sambil relax-relax dan angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa di tepian pantai Surfers Paradise...haihhhhhh....

Picture courtesy of Alia. Love how Alia 'facetag' herself!

On our last night out in Gold Coast, we had the mermaids (gambar mermaids tak boleh post kot! sexy!) of Surfers Paradise catwalking up and down the same road where we had our churros picnic! Awesome la...

Then we did a repeat yesterday morning, just before we left for Harbour town! Hehehehe...makan in advance, sehingga trip ke aussie seterusnya...yang tak tau bila! ahaks...

Memang sedap sehingga menjilat jari! Serious sedap...rasanya kat KL pun ada, mesti nak cari jugak. It may not be the same as in Aussie, but at least, its a replacement until we make our next trip...probably, a revisit with the kiddos! It is so so sedap...crunchy, not oily, some-vanilla-like smell, alahaiiiii....kalau version melayu, sikit lebih kurang chakoi yang rangup! AWESOME! 



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