Sunday, 26 January 2014

We created history, today...

Yesterday's afternoon was unplanned. I happened to read the advertisement in The Sun, while waiting for my medical check up on Thursday. I read the same paper the various tests. And I read the same page twice too. It is so not me...I hardly read newspapers. Anyway, this particular advertisement caught my attention and I inquired and text. I just registered us (my son and myself) for the 180 minutes free seminar on super speed learning.
The advertisement!

So here we were from 3pm to 5.30 pm at PJ Hilton. During the session, the Coach tested our memories. Each one of us, 20 families to be exact, were given 30 words to be memorized. Then Coach picked my son, Adli Irfan to demonstrate his memory capabilities in front of the seminar room in PJ Hilton. Irfan, being the playful boy he is, greeted everyone cheerfully and tried to say the first word....but, he couldn't remember the first word, at all. His face changed. He looked so frustrated and he was so sad. You could see from his face. Thank god, Coach was an experienced person and immediately thanked Irfan for his courage and invited the parent to the front. So it was me la. I only remembered the first two words...(you have to memorize in order!) Hmmmm....jokingly, Coach said to Irfan, "See, Adli...even your mom couldn't do it too!" That got Irfan to smile again...Phewwwww...

A bit of a background...Adli Irfan will be 13 years old in September. Comparatively to the other siblings, Irfan Kip (how I would call him, normally) is a late bloomer, slow learner, face challenges in understanding and comprehending simple stories, short time span - attention deficit disorder, lives in his own world of  space and planets and dinosaurs, dyslexic, not able to say his thoughts smoothly, sometimes I would caught him uttering the same word again and again repetitively, superb in building things with his hands - lego, 3D puzzles, etc. But when it comes to academic, mommy always heart attack! Aiyaya... But I guess, I accepted him as he is, and pray for the best.

Back to the seminar... Then the children were brought to another room and in the next 47 minutes, they were taught by Coach Fina on a learning technique. While we parents and the older children those aged 15 and above, were briefed on the entire program of Super Speed Learning by Coach Dave.

As the program came to an end, the children were brought in again, and a young girl Josephine aged 9, demonstrated her memory capabilities in memorizing a new set of 30 words. Oh my...I was amazed. Wow! such awesome technique we've got here kan?

Then Coach Fina had to pick Adli Irfan...Aisey man, my heart went dup dap dup dap.... Irfan amazed me! I nearly fell of my chair! He mentioned all the 30 words in full order without hesitation and assistance. I just had to get up and gave Irfan a big High 5! I was so so happy to see him smiling cheekily. Then, Coach Dave gave another surprise, "Adli, could you say them backwards?" My immediate respond would be...I think its sufficient. But before I could say anything, Irfan said, "heheheh...OK!" Adoiiii la...

This was the boy whom about 1 hour ago, couldn't remember even the first word, and with frustration on his face! And...Irfan simply uttered all 30 words in the reverse order and on top of that, he said them ALL CONFIDENTLY! I practically got up from my seat and gave him 2 huge High 5!!! (with slight tears in my eyes...) 

As we did a stop over in TTDI for our Asar prayers, Irfan's words struck me and wrenched my heart... "Mommy, today I made you proud. Adik (as he called himself) buat mommy bangga depan 19 keluarga yang lain."  he continued... "Dalam keluarga kita, takde orang lain yang tahu lagi, except for you." I looked away, wiped my tears ...and replied, "You, little bulat and handsome boy, made me proud everyday. I am thankful to have you. Kita mesti sentiasa solat and terima kasih , ucap alhamdulillah kat Allah. Tak kisah la apa orang lain kata tentang kita, okey. But today, you made me extra, extra, extra proud!". Innocently, Irfan asked, " Kenapa mommy nangis?" and my reply..." tak la selsema je" ...not enough, Irfan ended our conversation before we stop over for a quick bite of Subway, "Adik, tak nak buat mommy nangis..."

As any mommies would do, all I hope for Irfan is that, should I leave and meet our Creator earlier, I just want Irfan to be able to make a living, be independent and a respectable Muslim. Its been a challenging 13 years, but Alhamdulillah, I could never ask for a different life and a different Adli Irfan. I'm expecting more and more wonderful years ahead with this little bulat and handsome boy...but after today, I've added a new hope. I hope and pray that he would be an EXPERT in his own field, to solve other people's problem by giving EXPERT solutions not just any solution, but EXPERT solutions...(as shared by Coach Dave). I believe he will... Love you in truckloads, Irfan Kip! 

I bet you, he would still be grinning from ear to ear tomorrow morning (when he wakes up!)...still couldn't help being super excited with himself on his achievement today! That's my Irfan...

To all super mommies out there... especially with special children, just hang in there, one day, the pretty princess or your handsome boy will show her or his FULL potential. We just have to be patient...and never stop believing.


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