Saturday, 4 January 2014

Shall we have tea?

Its SAWAN TRAVEL mode! Cuti-cuti Malaysia...On the way back from Alor Setar to Kuala Lumpur, we did a quick pit stop at Cameron Highlands. This is a two-parts sharing on our recent family trip to Cameron Highlands.

A must visit would be the Sungei Palas Boh Tea Centre. Every time we are here, we would visit this Boh plantation...just to enjoy the view, take a sip of  tea, let the children go through the video on tea making and venture into the  tea factory. Its a short distance from our hotel. Tapi yang bestnya...pemandangan menuju ke kilang teh. Its such a magnificent view, so serene, so fresh, so quiet, so green, so cooling...

Yezza! That's our climb! Please wear flats...or you'll suffer? hahaha 

The climb up to the tea house was quite a journey. The kiddos were puffing and huffing away. Bila dah sampai atas, rasa macam nak tercabut lutut. But it was worth it....simply awesome
Come on! You can do it! Sikit lagi...berapa banyak sikit dah...

and a close up look at the tea leaves!

and the lovely extra large sizes, surrounding Sungei Palas...
Okey, lets just leave Mommy and her sawan bunga!

and the visit is not complete without a sip of tea and local delicacies...such as nasi lemak, at the tea house! Much needed though, to re-cover one's energy to climb down the hill...hihihi
Nasi lemak pedas terangkat and superb coconut tarts!
and of course a visit to the tea souvenir shop!
Tea Tower?

Cold drinks for everyone!

One of the premium selection!
Done that, and the necessary toilet visits...ooolalala....the water was seriously cold...brrrrr, then it was the journey down...and the kiddos still had the energy to play 'catch-me' at the nearby small field. Mommy dah tercungap! 

They are just kids ek! 

Bagi saya Teh-O tak mau gula,  satu!

Check out the faces...sulky, tired, gediks, 'or whatever' look!
Some day, when the kiddos have a family of their own, I hope that they would also enjoy their own trip with le familia, make time for themselves, fool around, and remember their own childhood and growing up days. May the bond in them, sisterhood, brotherhood, siblings' love or whatever you called it, strengthened over the years...we love you until jannah.

We loved our trip for the umpteenth time...and we look forward for the next one!
Just can't get enough of the view...
Amazingly beautiful. Awesome nature. Splendid landscape. Breathtakingly greenery.


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