Thursday, 2 January 2014

I'm honoured...

Thank you so much #flowerStalking. Dalam hati ada taman, gitu...ahaks! azween suka ambil gambar bunga, just like I posted a few days back. I just loved it, itu je. Its just for self-satisfaction. But today, one of my flower pictures was featured by #flowerStalking page on instagram.

Its my first time! Rasa macam nak melompatssss! Hahaha... I know many friends that continuously got their pictures being featured. Memang kalau tengok gambar masing-masing memang hebat. But I never thought that I could be featured too. Hehehe....
So happy!

I'm still grinning from ear to ear. I'm honoured. I'm humbled. I'm happy that there are others who find joy in my pictures too... Hence a thought or two on flowers and how they could swing your mood easily! I'm still grinning as my fingers clik clakking ...

Courtesy from Google
Courtesy from Google
Courtesy from Google

Before I bid you farewell, here's the featured jasmine flower taken from my small garden at home!

What a great start to 2014! Happy new year everyone!


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