Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Hypp me all the time...

For movie addicts…what’s showing today on my HyppTV?

Popcorn please!

This is apart from the other interesting channelsssssss that I enjoy on my unifi. azween melanggan yang ‘HyppTV platinum pack’ RM30 sebulan. My favourite channels are the following...

Memang la busy, sometimes macam tak sempat nak tengok tv pun. But, I decided to make time for my favourites. Another best part about HyppTV is that, come rain or shine or thunderstorm, HyppTV is always on.

So...shuhhh shuhhh shuhhh...its mommy's tv time! hahaha...anak-anak, sila tengok tv bawah, aci tak? aci sangat ! 


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