Sunday, 29 December 2013

Work full time...busy mommy entrepreneur all the time!

Define work? Entah lah...the definition differs from one person to another. Upon graduation (many many moooooons ago!!!) I entered the workforce in a government-linked-company. My humble GLC has....
  • persevered the test of time, 
  • faced many new entrants in the market, 
  • gone through mergers and acquisition, 
  • global expansion, 
  • product and services diversification, 
  • develop talents, 
  • delivered leaders to the industry, 
  • massive contribution to nation building, 
  • unite Malaysians, and 
  • many more achievements and proud moments.

In my almost 20 years in the corporate world, there were many ups and down moments, but more importantly, I enjoyed my tenure... Some interesting concept on work and what I hold on to, until today.
  • A boss once told me, "Ween, stay loyal to your profession and not the company." I believe that's very true. Companies can come and go, but the profession stays forever, with adaption and flexibility to changes. 
  • Another boss drummed this in my head, "Its just not about dollar and cents, but work is also about developing people." I love this notion and concept about work. 
  • My view, "Work is an asset, the value depends on the amount of effort that you put into it. You decide what's the value. You have full control over it."  
  • One of the latest discoveries, "Working in a GLC is about amanah, nation building. You have been entrusted to develop Malaysia and the next generation of Malaysian economy-contributors." 
Wow! such heavy responsibility, kan...

But I have other works as well? Don't you? Of course...
  • Domestic commando
On some days, I'm a domestic commando cum octopus mom! banyak tangan!!! 
On most days, I'm a domestic commando like a breeze...ahaks!
I'm a domestic commando for these kiddos!

  • health and beauty consultant entrepreneur
Its all about teamwork, passion and challenge yourself to be more elastic! Alhamdulillah...
  • sales and marketing executive 
The system is fair, you work at your own pace, you are guided and mentored, and you work as a team!
Something New?
  • emcee!!! (something that I've just ventured into recently...and I think I like it!)

(courtesy of Hafiz Atan)
Last, but not least...
  • business coach
I'm part of a huge, enthusiastic, passionate, positive thinking coach and leaders. We are leaders in our own selves! 

Remember...each and every one of us is a talent in our very own way. Challenge yourself to do more than what you are currently doing, superbly. Go out and get a new hobby, try out being a social worker, read more and more books, pick up photography, for muslims...finnish up your Qur'an, start reading the translation more often, check out new friends of different me, your brain could handle this new chapter of your life!

Have fun people!
I went for a photoshoot! 


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