Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Weddings...I love you until Jannah

What is school holidays without weddings! Not complete yo!

Jemputan kahwin di sana sini. Nowadays, Malay weddings are held in various places...of course the traditional ones are at home, then you've got weddings at hotels and reception halls, more options are at family clubs and restaurants, as well. Kalau di KL, tempat yang popular macam Dewan Perdana Felda, kelab golf, Bora Ombak, dan hotel.

Kenits kalau ke kenduri kahwin, mesti nak tengok pengantin! Tak sah kalau tak tengok dari dekat...mesti nak ajak mommy tengok kakak pengantin ye. Adoiiiyai...layan je la si kenits dua orang tuh...

Another thing, when you've been working in the same company for long, the weddings that you attended are like reunions with your former bosses and leaders that you've worked for directly or indirectly. Yes, its true... orang tua-tua kata, kenduri kahwin tu mengikat tali persaudaraan silaturrahim... Agree 100%!

My favourite part when attending weddings would be the songs played through out the reception. My favourites are 'Aku dan Dirimu' and 'Keabadian Cinta'.

Tapi lagi best, bila kenduri kahwin tu sanak saudara....Ya Allah...jangan cerita la sessi gelak ketawa, sembang dan sembang dan sembang, dan snap gambar sana sini...dan sampai nak balik dah, bersalamanan berkali-kali! Why? sekali salam, sambung sembang. Salam lagi, snap gambar pulak. Salam lagi, gelak la pulak. Selfiesssss tu jangan cerita la ye...serious BANYAK! Pesanan penting bila snap gambar.... ehhhhh make sure we all nampak kurus tau! Muahaha

To all the newly weds...
Selamat Pengantin Baru! 
Its a new chapter of your life. 
Take care. 
Banyak bersabar. 
Enjoy your married life. 
Its a journey. 
Try not to expect for perfection. 
Learn from each other. 


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