Monday, 9 December 2013

The Water Avatars!

School holidays simply means the kids are bored staying at home...what's the line-up of activities, apart from foooooood and television and games and sleep? We did a short getaway to Port Dickson! The kiddos are addicted to swimming pool.
So I took the liberty of booking a 3 days 2 night stay at Grand Lexis PD...why? the rooms have private not only the kids could berendam and berkubang dari pagi sampai malam....mommy pun tumpang sekaki...boleh lompat and terjun dalam pool jugak! Yezza!

The kids were excited. Firstly, we posted Jenny the cat to the nearby cat hotel. We requested for full grooming care.

We arrived in PD rather late and it was raining. First surprise...buggy to the room! Super excited! Then...we entered the room, and guess what??? the big avatars screamed: Woohooo! ada pool and besar! I didn't tell them about the private pool before this. So memang excited! Terus terjun! They are just kids ek!

One more thing...the room has a small see through floor where we could watch the sea. Hmmmm..the kids were not excited about this. Instead they kept on asking...kalau lompat atas ni, pecah tak? what's the maximum wieght? Rasanya ada shark tak? Ohhhhh kanak-kanak riang... Tapi sekejap je tanya soalan bagai...hati dah ada dalam pool! So through out our stay, they remained as Water Avatars!

Stay tuned for more stories on our short getaway to Port Dickson! Happy Monday everyone ...


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