Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Sawan Bunga!!!

For the past one year, I grew this liking or craze for appreciating flowers from a different perspective. Not just the sweet smell but also the texture of their petals, the combination of colours, size does matters, their leaves that accompany the beautiful petals and their life cycle.
These were from hub's hometown...

Science 101...flower, petal, stamen, stigma, ovule, filament, style, sepal...that's all I remembered of my Form 1 flower structure!

(Courtesy of Google)
Kemana-mana sahaja azween pergi, selalunya akan bawa iphone. Itulah my communication gadget with the universe including other homo sapiens and other living things. Its just an iphone 4, but my relationship with this pocket size thingy and what it does to turn around my mood is simply awesome. Kiddos are most understanding when it comes to their mommy snapping away pictures from whatever angle especially flowers! They would even allocate 10 to 15 minutes for mommy connecting to the flowers via her iphone! hehehe...I've trained them well!!!

Some were taken during my travel...
Some were taken at home and along the roadside. These are local flowers.
Oh yes...I lived with this principle that a home is best to have fresh flowers. The sight of fresh flowers does wonders. Okey okey..call me whatever..minah bunga? But I simply love flowers. It doesn't have to be fresh smelling roses...any fresh flowers will do!
Some were taken from my front lawn and at neighbours...
Hmmm...quite a number of purple flowers! During our anniversary and our recent travel to Korea.
Some were taken on special awesome occasions! A birthday, an achievement night...
Sometime in May this year, our lives took a turn...I lost my MIL. Since then, we would always tribute these flowers for her...

Anyway, life must go on. So, if you happen to be living in the fast lane, too fast? Pull your handbrakes for awhile. Take a deep breath...and smell the flowers! It doesn't cost you much. Just spare a few minutes, turn on your senses...and enjoy the flowers. I took that decision a year ago...and I assure you, it was worthwhile.


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