Thursday, 14 November 2013

My love for chiffon...Nurita Harith!

I've been in the corporate world for almost 20 years. It has always been either baju kurung moden, kebaya, pants suit or long skirts and lately...casual look on Fridays. During my years, weddings were always songket and baju nikah was kain broked or lace. Those were the days... But look at the trend nowdays...chiffon is an in-thing! Tapi nak buat baju chiffon nak pakai ke mana? and for what occasion? Haihhhh...tempting betul tengok my favourite designer Nurita Harith's collection...

I'm one lucky gal to be part of  GLAM. We've got several opportunities...and two of them would be firstly, our annual GLAM dinner in November every year, and our Diamond Nite, in April, Inshaa Allah. So, that's my Nurita Harith's occasions! 

Stay tuned for more stories during our GLAM Dinner recently.


psst: With your very own Premium Beautiful body shaping lingerie underneath, you'll look awesome instantly! Auwww!

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