Friday, 29 November 2013

Mind boggling...4 Pics in 1 word!

Who started this latest '4 Pics in 1 word' craze in our lunch buddy-buddy group? Miennnnn...

Then almost all of us, downloaded the app and started playing! Memang crazy times...hahaha...

How does it work? Simple actually. You just need to guess the right word that matches the pictures. You earned 4 points for every correct word. For every task, there's 4 pictures depicted in 4 quadrants. Then you will be given a few things...for example: the word contains how many letters, a choice of 12 letters, 2 options to narrow your choice of letters...firstly, to ask help on what could be one of the letters, and each help would cost you 60 points...and secondly, to delete one of the 12 letters not included in the word, and this assistance would cost you 80 points!
4 Pics in 1 word #1
What do you think the word for the 4 pics above? Try la....
Serious sengal okey... 
1 correct answer = 4 points
1 assistance on correct word = 60 points
1 assistance on not relevant word = 80 points your request for assistance on serious cases!
Like the pic above, my points was only 32 (top right corner!), how la to request for assistance??? 

What's more sengal, if the pictures just don't relate with each other and the word has only 3 or 4 letters and when you finally guess the right answer after seeking assistance, the word finally dawned on you! Ceit!!!
Tapi, time lunch la hiruk pikuk di pantry memikirkan jawapan...hentam version pun ada, sampai guna whiteboard okey...why? to log our findings on the tough ones!
Here are some wacky ones...
4 Pics in 1 word #2
4 Pics in 1 word #3
4 Pics in 1 word #4
But whatever it is, this '4 Pics in 1 word' latest craze has sharpen and widen our vocabulary, spelling and bonding! Lunch time has never been this FUN and ...enriching! heheheh

I guess in life, one must always continue to learn. Learn new things, new words, new skills....regardless of your age. You can never, ever, stop learning. That keeps the brain ticking, kan? So...why don't we agree to something...lets agree to always learn a new word everyday...enrich our vocabulary... Inshaa Allah, the words that we learn will enhance our own learning curve, improve our own self esteem, tanamkan sifat ingin belajar dan belajar...belajar dari kawan-kawan tak kira usia. I assure you that it will benefit you and your family and your circle of friends, as well!

Have a fantastic Friday everyone! A great way to start your weekend and the busy week ahead...


Psst: the answer to the above 4 pictures are: #1 - CLUB, #2 - FLAT, #3 - EFFECTS, #4 - MEAL

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