Sunday, 10 November 2013

I've CHEATED...and I'm not sorry!

I couldn't help it. Iman sangat tak kuat...but I'm not sorry!

With the 7 day challenge, you need to read the regime to the letter. For example...If it says 'water', then it means you only drink water for the day...and do not presume unsweetened tea or coffee is also water! So here's how I did my 7 day cabbage soup challenge...

BBplus collagen
Watermelon and pineapple
Day 1: 
Fruits. Soup.
I followed fruits and soup, except I just had to have my bbplus collagen. So is it considered CHEAT ALL AROUND?? coz I had it everyday! Woohooo!

Day 2: 
Veggies. Soup. Water.
It was masak 'bening' brussel sprouts and carrots; and soup. 
Cheat all around - bbplus collagen
Cheat #1 -  instead of just water, I had 2 mugs of unsweetened tea…
Cheat #2 -  I didn’t have time to bake my potato (so I bought one!). I went to Wendy’s but couldn't stuff myself with their baked potato..the potato looked too cheesy for me…Since I had a business meeting outside, I ordered ubi rebus, instead. I forgot!!! I had a BIG mug of Teh O (with sugar!) GUILTY!!!
Ubi rebus instead of baked potato
Day 3: 
Day 1 and Day 2. Soup.
Cheat all around - bbplus collagen
 I followed exactly including water! On this day, I had extra soup. Because, I suddenly realised that the more soup you have, the more you lose! Apa lagi...telan...hirup, telan...hirup, telan...hirup !

Day 4:
Banana and milk. Soup.
Cheat all around - bbplus collagen
Hmmm…I don’t do well with milk. So I skipped milk on this day! I ate only 2 bananas...didn't have time for the 3rd serving. But...I've started to dislike my soup. Macam dah jelak gitu...

Day 5:
The regime states beef OR chicken. Soup. Maximum 6 fresh tomatoes.
I read it as beef AND chicken! So I had both…CHEATED!!! that's Cheat #3...and I had only 2 fresh tomatoes. 
Cheat all around - bbplus collagen
By this time, I thought I couldn't take the soup anymore… By now, our morning greetings in our 24x7 support group Fit&Trim became…Good morning cabbage ladies!
Tomatoes, soup, chicken pan grilled, baked minced meat! 

Day 6:
Unlimited beef or chicken. Soup.
Cheat all around - bbplus collagen
Urrghhh...masa awal-awal regime, memang looking forward to Day 6, because we could have beef or chicken to my heart's content...unlimited tuh. But when the actual day came....I couldn't eat much of beef or chicken...haihhhh
HELP!!! By now…the mere sight of cabbage was pathetic, unthinkable, uncalled…hahaha. Tak sanggup tengok kobis lagi. 
Chicken teppanyaki style
Chicken mushroom salad
Day 7:
Brown rice. Unsweetened fruit juice. Veggies. Soup.
Cheat all around - bbplus collagen
Ohhhh dear...I’ve got a problem…No. No. I’ve got a CHALLENGE. Ada kenduri kahwin malam ni, di Dewan Perdana Felda! Aduhhhh….tau aje la kan, masakan d’Saji Felda semuanya sedap-sedap belaka. Habis tu camno?
So I had soup during the day and no brown rice. But for dinner and the wedding reception, I ate in small quantities of everything...including rice! Heaven!

And guess what? I did lose some weight. Just before the last dinner on Day 7, I lost 2.5kgs...and when I woke up on Day 8 (after having the dinner during the wedding) I gained 300grams. All in all, despite the cheats...I lost 2.2kg. I'm one happy cabbage lady!


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