Friday, 22 November 2013

GLAMpreneur...through my eyes!

GLAM? Green Leaders Academy Malaysia ....that's GLAM to me, to my life, to my family, to my BBGS friends, to my FB friends...and to some of my circle of office mates.

Alhamdulillah, Syukur diketemukan dengan GLAM sekitar hujung 2011. Semuanya bermula hanya sebagai pengguna, dan dalam bulan yang sama, azween bersama-sama GLAM sebagai GLAMpreneur, sharing the benefits of taking extra care of yourself and family well being. I'm loving me its a social obligation to propagate towards a better you and me...a better generation!

Wowweee... it was one of those decisions that from my view, later became a turning point in my life. And one of the key principles that I've been holding on to, is that...once decision made, NO regrets. Make the best out of it... MOVE FORWARD. Prove to no one but MYSELF that I could do this...not just DO, but I will MASTER the art of being an excellent entrepreneur. Itu memang sindrom seorang 'perfectionist'!

Me as a consumer...the products are all household products and positioned for improvement within yourself and your family. Ala-ala...change whatever you can within your control, kan? How I see it...a holistic health improvement program. From alkaline water, purified food, alkaline salt intake, supplement - collagen for better skin and joints, corrective human energy-level mattress cover, foundation lingerie and my range of hygiene matters - bamboo salt body wash, shampoo and soap! They are everyday products, they are all necessities!
Premium Beautiful Foundation Lingerie
Biozone Food Purifier to detox your food
BBPlus Collagen for a better skin and joints

Bamboo Salt - for cooking
Bamboo Salt - Premiere Drink
Marine Essence Soap bar that contains bamboo salt
Bio Velocity Sleep Mate corrective human energy level mattress cover
With this range of household necessities, you and me....we have them, we use them at home. Its just a change of  brand, improved version, with added medical and health benefits! Lets take care of  ourselves and our loved ones to the best of our ability... I need to be healthy for my parents and family, for the kiddos...


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