Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Batik? Zaza KStyle it is!

I've got another 'sawan' to declare. I'm so in love with batik. I wore my first batik during my interview to corporate world. That was way way back in 1994. From there, my collection grew. Until today, I still have new batik baju kurung. Currently my favourite batiks are from Zaza K Style. I think batik is extremely versatile and my version of truly Malaysian.

How I met up with Zaza? Hmmm....I was browsing through FB a few years back and stumble upon her page...and I was awed with her collection and walla... I placed my first order. Zaza was brilliant with the colour combination and shades. Since then, I would trust no one to play with colours...except Zaza. The designs are modern and unique. Ada yang bunga tradisional, ada juga yang abstrak. My choice would always be abstract! And her instincts when it comes to colours....OH MY!!!! senang cakap...they matches with my taste!

Haaaa....ketiga-tiga pilihan kain ni...azween memang minta Zaza yang pilih pasangan warna...yang biru pirus tanah putih ni, sama juga dengan yang hijau lumut dan hitam design abstract dan yang shocking kunig dan soft pink!

Not only that Zaza also has her own range of ready-made to wear modern baju kurung and kaftan and other ethnic designs and fashion. But what I love most about her designs, they are batik in their own world, unique, the material is simply gorgeous, the colours are to die for... and you could wear them at any occasion and still fit in!
Office wear!
Time out with good friends!
Social events with budding entrepreneurs!
From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much Zaza KStyle for most of my batik designs and superb material...utmost quality and awesome colour combination. Luv it to the max bebeh!


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