Friday, 15 November 2013

A special boy...a special love!

Its challenging to entertain, care for, develop and nurture a special kid. Regardless the level of 'being special', a mom has to be fully prepared both emotionally and spiritually. Easier said than done eh? Today, a boss surprised me at work by exchanging views on special kid. Hmmmm....that caught me off guard. Never did I expected such conversation from anybody. It was honest, fact based...but more importantly...there was sincerity. 'That' had an impact in me. 'That' touched me...

My five kiddos in 2008, just when the twins arrived and upon completion of Mommy's confinement days!

Hence I put forth my ABC for sanity check and survivor dire times, I just need to be reminded.

A Allah s.w.t. knows best
B Believe in God
C Continue being Cheeky (hihihi!)
D Do a good Deed everyday
E Keep the Enthusiasm high
F have Faith
G always be Grateful
H be Healthy for yourself
I trust your Instinct
J Jump for Joy
K Keep your cool
L Love abundantly
M Must Make More Money
N do it Now (concept)
O be Optimistic (even though others aren't!)
P Pray and Pray and Pray
Q have a Quiet time for yourself, everyday
R make time to Reflect
S Savour every moment
T Tawakkal is key...
U Unleash their potential
V attack your day and theirs, with Vigour
W let your imagination and theirs, run Wild
X hang on to their X-factor
Y continue Yearning to be better
Z add Zest in your life and theirs!

Its been a busy week, but somehow, today was a relief...its a wonderful Friday. I'm blessed.


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