Wednesday, 23 October 2013

What's this about COFFEE?? Mineral Coffee!

Yerp! I'm a coffee lover. Addiction to the utmost level. I used to hand-grind the existing Nescafe coffee beans so that I could get a 'thicker' and bitter coffee. Gone were those days. Now its just Mineral Coffee for me...

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About 3 months back, I had to fast from coffee for almost 1 month. Simply because my tummy's most-outer layer was reddish and... according to the doctor 'perut'... errrr.....gastronologist (susahnya nak sebut!) advised me to watch my diet. Banyak benda yang tak boleh makan or pantang. Tapi pantang kopi tu yang tak sanggup! No coffee ya azween! Adoiiiiii

I did abstain myself from coffee. Seminggu okey...Dua minggu, agak fening...Masuk tiga minggu?? dah macam orang hilang anak kucing kesayangan...asyik buka botol Nescafe and ambil bau je! Ya Allah... apa la nak jadi nih...

Then I decided to justify why I need coffee again...hahaha

(Courtesy of Google)
Hmmm...based on my readings, drinking coffee then is a positive act. Probably I need to control the amount cum intake! Suka sangat bantah apa doctor cakap....hahaha
RD August 2013
Maka dengan itu, azween telah memutuskan yang minum kopi adalah satu keperluan, boleh gitu?

Then I was introduced to a new 'coffee on the block''s from robusta coffee beans! states that 'Robusta is a type of coffee bean with more caffeine than the Arabica bean. It is used in soluble coffee and espresso blends.'

Not only that, this new 'coffee on the block' is without added sugar, no cholesterol and no preservatives. Its a rich source of Magnesium! (haaah! kopi you all ada? Diriku terkejut!) 

I read the nutrition information at the box, okey! In every 12gram sachets, this new 'coffee on the block' contains 56kcal, 8.1g of carb, 0.6g of protein, 6.1g of magnesium! the magnesium content is 3 times more than the fat! and..... Magnesium is a source of mineral to promote calcium absorption and retention. 

Wowwweeee!!! So healthy! Suddenly I'm imagining my bones are stronger...and less brittle. So with this new 'coffee on the block' I'm getting benefits in abundance:

  • my daily coffee fixed
  • no cholesterol
  • more magnesium
  • better calcium absorption

Suddenly, I became conscious with what goes into the my gut! Only the best, within my control la...

I'm so happy to be back to my coffee regime. But this time, I know for sure that its healthier. Take extra care of your health everyone! Lets have a cuppa! Make sure its the new 'coffee on the block' - Mineral Coffee!


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