Saturday, 26 October 2013

Oh My Mineral Coffee...Superb!

Did you know? Jeng jeng jeng jeng (macam P.Ramlee...)

COFFEE and TEA is good to protect our liver. Increase caffeine intake may reduce fatty liver in people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

So, apa is a good drink for everyone. Apa pun, tak boleh keterlaluan kan? Macam orang tua-tua kita selalu cakap, kena sederhana je ya...

Did you notice that there are many kopitiam mushrooming in KL and the sub-urban areas as well? Simply because, its a lifestyle for Malaysians to chill out with friends...and family at these bistros and cafes. And there are varieties of coffee at these little cafes and mamak stalls...including my new 'coffee on the block' - Mineral Coffee.

Hmmmm...azween nak share sedikit di sini. What I sincerely love about my new 'coffee on the block' is because

  • I'm MORE alert,
  • I get a good intake of  magnesium 
  • dan azween dapat kumpul bonus points berbakul-bakul or truckloads while consuming my mug of coffee! 
  • And these bonus points gives me CASH! 

All these while, at home...whenever I consumed my new 'coffee on the block' , comparatively to Nescafe or Aik Cheong or Kopi 343 or Illy...what do I get in return? Here's my back-of-the-envelope comparison (sikit lebih kurang punyer perbandingan gitu, maknanya!)

My cuppa of coffee!
Time out with friends! Free travel with friends!
 and CASH RM4700 ...haah! 

Ahah! that got me going a little bit more....another 6 inches of hands stretched up high...the brain starts to light up brighter!!!

Memang bila azween mula minum Mineral Coffee, hari-hari rasa macam nak melompat! Excited!!!  I'm one HAPPY consumer with my new 'coffee on the block'...and YOU can be too! my darling readers, do you have friends or family members that have cafes or F&B managers at club house or hotels or resort owners or operate restaurant(s) or local kedai makan or mamak joint or warungsssss or homestay , want to make MORE MONEY with your coffee or your friends' coffee? 

azween nak share cara terbaik untuk mengumpul duit dengan minum Mineral Coffee!