Monday, 28 October 2013

Challenge yourself!

My life is MORE than just work.

My life is about Ad-Deen, as a Muslim, the foundation of my being...
(courtesy of Google)
My life is about hubby and kiddos, we look up to each other for support, motivation and love...

My life is about parents, Mommy, Daddy and Abah, I'm HERE because of them...

My life is about friends, BBGS, IIUM, TM, GLAM, they built my personality, my social being and continue to do so until this very moment

My life is about me, myself, azween.

ME very own cafe, a hideout and hangout for friends to chat, makan and read books

Music...long live retro, Atlantic Star, the Police, JJ, Alley Cats, Debby Gibson, Bangles, MJ, Whitney Houston, Awie, Ronan Keating, Celine Dion

Music NOW...Katie Perry, One Direction, Ungu, Peter Pan, CTDK, HitzFM, SuriaFM

My pictures, snap, snap, snap! Savour the precious moments...

What about you? 

FOCUS: 1% improvement daily!

Have a great week everyone!


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