Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Boot Camp!

Talent Management Boot Camp at Putrajaya...we were booted? hahaha...

(Courtesy of Google)
Oh my! Looking at the title of the training makes my heart goes... dup dap dup dap! Little that I knew, that it was named boot camp because the creative and intelligent organizer wanted a serious stay-in program for us, the chosen participants.

It was always reassuring to hear from our leaders their concerns and aspirations for us, the next generation of leaders to continue building the company.

azween selalu rasa meremang bulu roma listening to our GCEO. He is a wise man, visionary and works for Malaysia. From my perspective, he always..always emphasized on nation building. Hence it is not so much of the post or career progression that's your focus, but aimed for nation building....what is your legacy for Malaysia's future leaders?

My answer to that...I AM building my own legacy for the next generation of leaders, whom shall include my children, my nieces and nephews and their friends too. Its a challenging task, but I'm MORE than willing to work hard, dari sekarang... How? What is it that I'm building? Nanti I update ya...stay tuned!
(courtesy of Google)
In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful architecture and setup of  Pullman Putrajaya...


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