Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Must Make More Money

Money! Money Money!
All is funny
In a rich man's world!

Long live retro! One of the easier songs for karaoke session. Great for me!

My life has always been revolved around family and friends. When I mention family...its just not hubs and kids, but include my parents, my string of brothers and sisters practically at the West belt of Peninsula. We are huge! Sangat ramai sampai my hub pun fening! Anyway, when you get married, you are married to the CLAN
 I'll be 42 this October. I'm old...but my friends and me, we think and breathe that 40s is the new 20! Age is just numbers...what's important, is in our heart and our biological body is young! kihkihkih 

There's a joke with my mom about my number of kids... Adik (my mom calls me adik!) if you go for one more baby, memang rezeki, but I think its going to be a lunatic house! Yeah you are right mommy dearest. I've got 5 kids... Aiman aged 14, Kipan is 12, Qeely turned 9 recently and the twins i.e. Kenits Meema and Bahi both will be 5 soon in July. 

Living in KL, the cost of living has escalated since I was small. Life anywhere was so much simpler then. But of course you have to evolve with the environment. Urghhh Kenits' kindy fees a month is close to RM600++ per Kenit! Practically burnt holes in my pockets. Not to mention art classes for Qeely and robotic classes for my special one Kipan. Because every child is different...sometimes I wonder, all 5 came from the same source...but their passion and interest and development differ tremendously. 

Macam Abg into sports. Segala macam sports aktiviti, kejap bola la kejap lagi bowling la kejap lagi futsal la kejap lagi taekwondo bagai...kalau weekend tuh jarang ada kat rumah. Also has a tendency for art and craft.

Then, my special one Kipan...his specialty is on building things with his hands. He does wonders with puzzle and robotics. Hence to sharpen his skills and thinking capabilities, he attends robotic classes...and receives a good supply of puzzles!

Qeely...I luv to call her Qeely...only me calls her that. She is known as Qeela to the rest! Sangat la pemalu, n lokek dengan senyuman. Kesian photographer kalau nak snap her photos. She's into art and craft like Aiman. I would send her off to her art classes during weekend. Else she'll get bored and be grumpy!

Well Kenits? they are still young ..they are still my babies...I'm not too sure if I know their interest. But unlike Qeely, they are more extrovert. Mungkin sebab apa-apa pun Meema cari Bahi and Bahi cari Meema, vice versa!

I've lived in KL most of my life and I strongly believe that every child, every person, every girl, every guy needs to lead and live a balanced life. Not just being excellent in academic. Whatever it is, a superb, stable, strong and correct foundation in respective spiritual belief is the center of success. Didikan agama sebagai seorang Muslim sangat penting, lepas tu baru la sebagai Melayu...and not the other way around (my personal view!) Kalau tak boleh belajar sendiri, maka perlu la berguru...

Hence the need to instill in our family... MUST MAKE MORE MONEY. Its NOT about greed. Its about...

  • savings for emergencies, 
  • for our parents health or hospitals or medical bills, 
  • for the kids education, 
  • for my own personal development...
...I want to learn new things, new mastering a butter cream cake for example, learning western cooking...owning my own cafe, mastering the sciences of Qur'an and do stuff that I'm passionate about!

Hey! did you know that our aqal is capable of learning 120 languages? WHAT??? 

As Muslims, we are vicegerent of Allah swt. The difference between us, humans and other beings is aqal, our brain. Hence, I believe that we need to make full use of our aqal to differentiate us from them. Sayang sangat kalau kita sendiri tak menggunakan kelebihan yang diberikan kepada kita...tak susah pun...cuma perlu keyakinan and passion... 

So what are you waiting for? Just pick a hobby and pursue it...boleh sangat BERJAYA dan BERJAYA! My doa for all of you...


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