Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Me...small? Always Small? NOT REALLY...

I've always been on the small size. I still remembered during uni days, my weight was hovering between 38 - 41kgs. Then, when I was preggie with Aiman, I put on 20kgs untill the day I delivered. What??? Macam mana nak turun ni...Yikes! My lady bosses kata, kalau naik lebih kurang 12 - 15kg, senang je nak turun ke berat sebelum preggie. But anything more, is tough.... Yup! the word mentioned to me was TOUGH...aiya!

Alhamdulillah, my dad was very stringent during my confinement. Tiap pagi dan petang, daddy akan bakar tungku n mommy balut dengan daun mengkudu. Barut yang kain panjang ber-ela-ela n stokin tu memang a MUST ye. I was back into shape on the 30th day, I still remembered....Lega...Then on 45th day i.e. MERDEKA, I could adorn on my kebaya pre-pregnancy! Ooooolala

However, I noticed, that by the time I started preggie with Kipan, I was 5kg more....Then it was the same with Qeely, another 5kg more...Hmmm... My first three kids, the pregnancies were about 2 - 2.5 years gap each. But I had longer holiday after Qeely. She was 3 1/2 years old, when I got pregnant with the twins i.e. Kenits. I was big ...HUGE ...HUMONGOUS!!! I put on almost 40kg....Pasrah je tengok tummy lepas the twins. There goes my flat tummy...I'm doomed (I thought!)

Well..the regimented pantang took place. I found a superb confinement lady. She took great care of me, and surprisingly I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight...54kg. But I still had a bulge, a small one...but still, its bulging! Kenits were big for twins...Meema weighed at 2.9kg and Bahi was a hefty 3.14kg! OMG!!!

I had back pains due to the heavy babies, my right leg was numb because one of the main nerves 'terhimpit' during pregnancy, my sclerosis got worse...and I often suffered stiff neck and shoulders; after the delivery. But the kids were gift from GOD, hence I don't mind the pre, during and post pregnancies situation...hahaha

When I complained of back pain, my specialist recommended that I needed to have something to support my back, to straighten my posture. He said, it will hurt at first, but you have to endure the pain before the situation got worse. You could try out corset...

OKEY...I've got a confession to make. I do own a 3 piece corset since I delivered Aiman....simply because hubs made a passing remark that I looked better before I was preggie...and he said it when I was about 6 1/2 months pregnant with Aiman inside! WHAT????  Sabar je la kan... Tapi, ada sedikit kemalasan la bila nak pakai all 3 pieces tuh...so kenkadang pakai semua, kenkadang pakai girdle je... and by the time my doctor advised I should try out corset, this 3 piece of mine is old...and not elastic cum effective anymore. Ye la kan...dah 10 tahun umur corset tuh!

I googled about the latest brands...check out their agents..then I forgot about it. Tak penting kan! Sakit belakang yang teramat sangat strikes back, I couldn't even sleep and my right arm went numb, at times. I ni penakut ke hospital okey...nak bersalin je terpaksa ke hospital, sebab takde choice...Macam nak nangis rasanya, bila sakit belakang tu strikes. So, kelam kabut cari kengkawan yang jual corset nih. I called up a few brands....and with Crony, somehow the agent and me just couldn't agree on the time to meet up. Ada je benda la meeting la demam la...and what not! Oh well...I needed desperately, so Premium Beautiful it was! My office mate was an agent. Senang je kan...bliss

I dare say that it was one of my BEST decisions ever on a lingerie...hahaha Yup! Premium Beautiful is a lingerie. Memang la ada jenama yang lain... But my PB is awesome. Why? I'll tel you why :

  • I lost 8 kgs within 6 weeks of wearing - I was very disciplined. It was a minimal 8 hours a day
  • I was back into my old jeans...previously I could still fit in but my thighs were like chicken drumstick!
  • I got my waistline back...No! No! My waistline got smaller in fact. I'm now 26 inches!!! hihihi...
  • My tummy is FLAT! and still is FLAT even though when I'm not wearing my PB
Okey..ini semua POYO...kahkahkah ! But the best best best part are next...

  • My fibroid shrunk
  • My sclerosis is gone..my back is straight
  • Stiff neck? Apa tu?? Curlasst gitu...Alhamdulillah, sangat sangat minimal...
I was one happy Premium Beautiful customer and wearer! And....my friends at the office noticed the changes too! Dalam hati ada taman tau...

Now, I openly share with my friends on the benefits of Premium Beautiful and what it did to me. It transformed me into some giggling girl I was once before!

Come to think sbout it...I felt like this One Direction song...What Makes you Beautiful !

Baby you light up my world like nobody else

The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed

But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell
You don't know
Oh Oh
You don't know you're beautiful

More updates, next change ya


Psst: Actually ada a few lagi great stuff that happened to me upon wearing my PB, but....biarlah rahsia

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