Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Dangerously Beautiful

Girls will always be girls...but we are shaped differently. Serious!!! Stress betul (I think!) kalau tak happy with our own body...Tak kisah la kan, straight-shaped ka , pear-shaped ka, no-shaped ka, voluptous-top ka, prosperous-bottom ka, hour-glass ka! I take it that they are ASSETS! kihkihkih...

Every girl deserve to be called beautiful... because beauty lies at the eyes of the beholder... like an old English saying. It amazed me to see that girls need to be BARBIE to be popular... or K-POP! 

So go out there... you fiery ladies and ... 
dance in the rain... 
learn how to dance...
feel the wind in your hair...
love your music!

Beautiful girl, wherever you are
I knew when I saw you, you had opened the door
I knew that I'd love again after a long, long while
I'd love again.

Beautiful girl, I'll search on for you
'Till all of your loveliness in my arms come true
You've made me love again after a long, long while
In love again
And I'm glad that it's you
Hmm, Beautiful Girl...

(Jose Mari Chan)

It is my hope that my girls grow up, live their lives by just being themselves. Same goes to you, my readers too...Love yourself and you shall be loved too!


Pssst: I guess you need to have flesh at the right places...else la to peluk! 

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