Sunday, 16 October 2016

Mesmerising Manukan!

I'm afraid of taking a boat ride. Takut tenggelam! Thinking of it made me stressful. But, there was no way out. Everyone had to go to Manukan...only for a few hours that day. But I'm glad I did. MashaAllah... the place is so so cantik...
The telematch was fun and funny! There were several games. Since everybody participated, hence no pictures. First, was the blindfold game with the rope, second, errr couldn't remember, third, we had to walk on planks and these planks were supported by your team members while they were half squatting, finally we were ankle deep in the water and trying to hold as much water as possible via a towel. 
Grand finale, each team sang 'Aku orang kampung!' But obviously, one particular team rejig the song and had their own version regarding bonus and letting the boss win the telematch! But what was funnier, they started to perform like doing the hakka prior to singing 'Aku orang kampung - bonus version"!
Then...we were off for lunch and pool and lepak!

We should do a comeback...someday!


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