Thursday, 18 August 2016

Life should be simple...

 What can I should be simple (quoting an ex boss!)...fortunately or unfortunately, we have friends, colleagues, relatives, peers and whoever else that we interact with, that lives and breathes this concept of 'complex means intelligent!' only comment - whatttttttt???

Sometimes you just have to breathe deeply, and ...pause. Do a quick reflection whether your actions are making life easier for you and your ecosystem. What I mean by ecosystem - those loved ones, dear to your heart, and the not-so-closed ones - how did my actions or words make their lives any easier or OTHERWISE? Let's hope not...

Life should be simple... is a reminder to myself. Yes, there are too many things swarming in that little head of mine, hence writing down some gibberish would hopefully provide some clearer path...

But...but...I'm so happy that it's Olympics, I think my heart could stop a few beats, watching badminton!

Life should be simple,

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