Wednesday, 18 May 2016

My sister's keeper!

During one of my flights to KK recently, I had selected to watch an inflight movie "My sister's keeper". It was about a young family with 3 kids. The eldest, a beautiful teenager..girl named Kate, was diagnosed with leukemia since young, the second, the one and only boy had dyslexia and the youngest princess, Anna, whom is well and good.
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I was crying in buckets throughout the movie...oh dear, Here I was on a 180-minutes flight, practically wiping my tears with my palms, then it was the back of my hand...followed by my tudung as well. Something about the movie starring Cameron Diaz as the persistent mom, wanting the best for Kate and never give up for hope...touched my heart. The mom,a lawyer in her previous life, had quit practicing to focus and to take care of the ailing Kate. The parents were sued by Anna (their youngest child) for needing her consent and her willingness prior to donating parts of her body and blood for her ailing sister. Sedih...memang sayu.
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I had to stop watching the movie in the last 30 minutes...simply because I couldn't endure the crying anymore...dalam flight okeh? Nanti ada pulak orang kat sebelah tu ... #dahkenapapulak #makcikniasyiknangis
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But I sincerely urged you to watch the movie... there are tremendous values to be observed, family bonding and day-to-day in the life of a cancer patient, their worry, the chemo, their dreams etc...

Live life to the fullest.

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