Thursday, 26 November 2015

Sama-sama menjejak mimpi...

It's always refreshing to go down memory lane. Many memories with very very extra special friends... those are the ones whom you treasure most in your heart kan... Tak kisah sebenarnya samada baru kenal atau dah lama kenal, tapi yang lebih penting bagi azween ialah impak persahabatan tersebut.

But like the saying goes, I tend to agree...over the years, your group of friends become smaller not because you are losing out, but you know who your true friends are.

Friends that would stick by you through thick and thin,
hard times, bad times, good times and good-er times,
talk about you with respect and sincerity even when you are not around...

Sama-sama menjejak mimpi
Sama-sama mencari dan menanti
Sama-sama gunung didaki
Sama-sama turun ke lembah sepi
Suka duka bersama dirasai

When the mind is clouded, you just need to write them down...sigh...

Take care everyone,

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