Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Sharks are FRIENDS!

Holaaaaa... Its been tough these past few days. But FUN!!! Kiddos are back to school after a 2 weeks break. I'll blog about the school holidays later. But today, this morning...I want to pen down my thoughts on 'sharks'. Earlier this year, I decided to add a shark and later became sharksss in my universe. It was an informed decision and I was all geared up for it. But 90 days down the road... astaghfighullah... what did I get myself into? But I was determined!
I'd been stuck  in many situations, awkward situations between the sharksss. But yesterday, I was caught red handed. Never. Never shall I repeat such actions. Moving forward...its about...

Dear sharksss...you have my utmost respect. Probably before, I was ignorant. But my promise to you, I'll be better...InshaAllah ...

A better tomorrow,

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