Sunday, 17 May 2015

MIL 5/14...Happy Mother's (mother-in-law) Day

MIL part 5 of 14... (arwah Mak simply loves red!)

MIL? The word itself would bring thousands of memories, perception, smiles, chuckles.... Mine has left us about 2 years ago. since then, only good memories are allowed! What makes her death more dramatic, is that, arwah Mak left us the early morning (just about Subuh) after Mother's Day that year...Monday 13th May 2013. I guess, there will several postings about arwah Mak...something I wrote within the first week arwah Mak moved on to the next phase of life... Why am I having those postings here? Just for my remembrance and for kiddos as well, someday...


May 14, 2013... Oh  dear...need to fix the roof n part of the windows. This is an old family home built between 1958 - 1960. Parts of this huge house are broken here n there. 
With our current loss (my late MiL) recently, we are all broken hearted, especially abah... 
When I first entered this family, I had a shock of my life! Wow! My MIL is superbly fantastic with her hands. She does beautiful intricate flowers from whatever...from dough, sugar paste, papers, cloth, socks, rubber leaves! Mak aihhh... how la like this?? I can only design but cannot do from scratch!
Mak would sign up for classes on all this flower stuff (amongst others) . Mak learned from various chef n cikgu bunga! She inspires me with her passion n her fiery will when it comes to flowers. Kalau letih n nak tidur je, ajak beli barang bunga terus tegak n bersiap n ready in split second! Hihihi ... Life goes on ..

Lots of love Mak, Al Fatihah...

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