Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Solat, my session with HIM

Just a moment of prepare myself, to talk to HIM, to seek HIS forgiveness, to strengthen my belief and faith, to thank HIM for giving me endless opportunities...

Its important that I understand and appreciate my sessions with HIM, hence there is a need to comprehend Arabic and translate into my mother tongue. It requires discipline, but I also realised that I just need to force myself to do so.

Makna bacaan dalam conversation with HIM, how I address HIM... Allah Yang Maha Besar

Next, my iftitah...maksud iftitah adalah 'opening' / 'beginning'. So in my opening, these are the meaning of the words I utter to HIM, we Muslims are being given a framework on how do we perform our solat...and 'iftitah' is our opening in our daily prayers.

Maksud doa iftitah:

Johor, December 2014

Life is a journey, and I have faith that I'm improving the quality of my journey every single day, InshaAllah.

Lets give our best-est effort, 

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