Monday, 22 December 2014

Seoul invaded!!! ... in Blue and Pink!

Once you start travelling outside of KL, you will continue to travel and travel and soon... you'll be globe trotting. That was what happened to us! Alhamdulillah... Syukur sangat diberikan rezeki yang cukup, sihat tubuh badan dan dipermudahkan urusan semasa kami travel.

This was our second trip to Korea...Did our first trip in 2006 with MBA friends and did a repeat in 2013 with budding entrepreneurs... Both visits were unique. My personal view, food was a bit tough...ALL thumbs up for the cleanliness, which was extremely fantastic and the amazing range of masks...face mask, hand mask, foot mask, neck mask and they are made from various concoction...fruits, herbs, snails, gold! Simply unbelievable...

We went to the usual tourist joints...the historical places, back lanes for breakfast at Halal restaurants, Lotte world, Amethyst places, Paju Outlet and what's more important...bonding with loved ones!

Up above the sky...enroute Seoul
Oh my kaki...

Street art on mobile stalls...terjumpa masa breakfast!

Hihihi...oh my corelle!

Pelbagai gaya in PINK hues!

Looking back at these pictures, colgate pictures...thank you so much for the opportunities, great friendship and learnings. Alhamdulillah...

InshaAllah...more will come, when the time is right...

Daume bayo (see you next time!)

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