Monday, 17 November 2014

Colour your life beautiful!

We've got tonight, who needs this song and the mesmerizing voice behind it!

About two years back, I made a decision and went through an adventure...its a life adventure, its a journey! A conscious decision on my side...and, I'm still on this journey, and trying my very best to learn as much as I could. AND, I'm still learning.... complicated ke? Oh well...that's me...hahaha

Tapi bagi azween, apa yang penting with my decision about 2 years back, I did so many things that I would never have done. I stretched myself in a new chapter of my life...and looking back those two years, I could never have asked for a different life... Thank you GLAM!

Because of you, I stepped into a new life, a new world, a different perspective which never crossed my corporate mind! Alhamdulillah...


Because of you, GLAM, I discovered my passion for quick photography of nature...I just love my skies... on cloud nine...always!

Sky is the limit,

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