Friday, 10 October 2014

Latest craze...Banoffee Pie!

I've only tasted this banoffee pie once, ...and it was love at first sight! And I've only tasted this super awesome banoffee pie from Has...  I don't know how to prepare this dish, and I don't think I want to learn how to...hehehe!

My personal view, Has's super awesome banoffee pie ni is comfort food... mula-mula you sink your teeth into the super delicious cream topped with chocolate dust (i think!), then the next layer of fresh bananas mixed with some chocolate sauce, and finally the biscuit-like base....oooooo lalala....I could go bananas! Serious sedap la wehhhhh....

I love it cold...

And, I loved it all soft and mushy as well...
just check out the generous layer of cream and choc dust!

...and the bananas mixed with choc sauce! 

Serious sedap! Worth every ringgit! Must try tau!


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