Friday, 10 October 2014

Keep calm and...anyam ketupek!

Some say its a tradition. I second it! Seingat azween, masa kecil-kecil dulu, Daddy memang an expert in anyam ketupat. Tak pernak tidak hokey...every raya di Melaka and Sg Siput, we will gather around Daddy and learn how to anyam ketupat. Of course...since you only do it once a year, anyam ketupat needs practise...and practise...and practise!

The recent Raya Haji, I bought fresh daun and get Daddy to anyam ketupat. And that Friday 3rd October fell on his birthday. Being 77 years old, Daddy is slowing losing part of his memory, getting tired easily...and grumpier (hahaha!) When I handed the daun to Daddy, what he said caught me off guard..."Hmmm...Daddy tak sure la ingat ke tak. Let's see..whether I could still remember..." he said softly, with a lopsided smile...

He's such a sport and ever wiling to pass down the knowledge to the cucus. Tapi entahlah...not sure whether Hanif (anak kakak) yang bersungguh-sunnguh belajar on that nite, got the full ilmu...But through my own experience, you need to practise la this anyam ketupat thingy, else mau terbelit jari!

Half way through all the anyaman, Daddy went home and left me with his wise words... "Habiskan ya. Esok rebus, letak beras setengah only, else your ketupat won't be nice...Finish anyam all the ketupat. Nanti Daddy check!" errrrrk...the only response..."Yezza Daddy!" ...macam nak sambung je jokingly...Your wish is my command! Hahahaha!

But of course the kiddos were ever willing to help out...which I termed as menyibuk, and bonding time...

Give it a go, next year...

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