Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Weekend makan besar! Jom NGAP!

Okeyyyy...I must be very hungry to make an effort to post this. Its been 2 months on our own, but being maidless doesn't stop us from makan besar during weekends! hahaha...but its a never ending cleaning in the kitchen. Cleaning? What cleaning??? Its more of scrubbing and sental and sental and sental!

ooooo..drooling to the max...sedap terangkat! Just simple cooking, peeps...with extra tender loving care... I simply love these food combie! (But whatever it is you are cooking in your kitchen or anywhere, remember to cleanse and detox your raw stuff ya...azween guna bio zone food purifier je...and ... only garam buluh in all our cooking)

what's in my kari ikan!

Kari ikan tenggiri dan bende...makan dengan roti bakar! perrrghhhh

sayur bayam masak air

Favourite! ikan goreng - ikan bawal dan ikan kembong

Tok My's fav...ulam bende
Ohhh my fav...daging black pepper...with loads of onions!

Jemput tengok and terliur,

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