Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Mineral Coffee...My kind of coffee!

There is something about this Mineral Coffee or I called it as my Salted Cafe Latte Mineral Coffee... The aroma, the taste..its so refreshing and if I need a quick wake-up, its always a mug of Mineral Coffee. Memang, azween akui, Mineral Coffee ni baru lagi di pasaran...baru dalam 18 bulan, jika dibandingkan dengan lain-lain kopi segera seperti Nescafe (my other favourite!)

Just nak share my views on Mineral Coffee:

  1. No added sugar
  2. Ada garam buluh, there's bamboo salt in my Mineral Coffee- for detox, provide richness in taste as well
  3. Tak kembung or 'berangin' - this is the best part...sometimes I noticed (as I grow older...heheheh) that I do get a bit of wind after drinking Nescafe...never used to have them , it must be the age!
  4. No headache - for the past 1 year, I started getting headaches when I had too much coffee. But, ever since I added Mineral Coffee in my list of daily morning drinks, and reduced other coffees...I'm FREE from headache!

And...its just awesome to have my mug of Mineral Coffee with a slice of cake...ooooo...so sedap! Yummeh! Anyway, World Cup is starting soon. Should you need a cup of Mineral Coffee, just like how I had mine yesterday...I could get it for you, just how I shared with my family and friends.

Fancy a hot mug of Mineral Coffee and a slice ....or slices of down-to-earth red velvet cake (do-it-yourself cheese topping!) ? Get BOTH from me, now. Woohoo!

Let's have a cuppa,

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