Sunday, 8 June 2014

Blood suckers! Petua denggi...

"Okay...confirmed dengue. Its positive. Your platelet count has dropped from 108 this morning to 89, now,"said the nurse in charged. Oooooo...not a pretty news back from holidays...balik kampung! Hubs had his second holiday, a 5 days 4 nights stay at Tropicana Medical Center. Looking at the bright side, its a 'full resting and sleep and flush out the virus' stay somewhere nearby home...ahaks! (Now I could joke about it, but through out the 5 days...I didn't have time to breathe and think, especially during the day!)

Thank you dear friends who came to visit, well wishes, doa and words of truckloads and continuously giving us hope and the do's and don'ts and petua. azween nak share petua-petua denggi yang telah kami tahu dari kawan-kawan dan juga doktor yang merawat hubs tempoh hari. Semoga, semua mendapat manfaat dari petua-petua ini ya...

  1. Sup ketam (crab soup) - terbaik sekali ialah dengan ketam nipah. But be cautious, because soup ketam would bring your platelet down really low, really fast. However, your platelet count will climb up again.
  2. Air pucuk betik - rebus daun betik dan minum airnya. Pahit to the max. But be cautious as well, because, the papaya leaves could have fungus. Hence may lead to other problems.
  3. Air rebusan peria katak - recommended by the doctor as well. Apparently, our Chinese friends also believe in this practise. Rebus peria katak (peria version kecil) dan minum air rebusan. Extreme pahit.
  4. Air tebu hitam - masak tebu hitam dengan gula batu. Minum sedikit sahaja sehari. Best minum masa mula-mula demam. This will bring your platelet down really fast and bring it up again.
  5. Air zam zam - definitely a must! drink plenty of air zamzam at all times.

Apa pun, be positive. At all times, patient and the care taker need to be strong mentally, have faith and believe in all your actions. Within the second day day hubs was warded, his platelet went further down, including his white cells count too. Alahai.... When hubs platelet dropped further to 36 and white cells count was 1.9, there were times when we had our concerns and doubts, we had each other to...

  • laugh at things and happenings at the ward, on tv and even during our challenging time in ICU. 
  • Midnight snacking on McDonalds and popia! 
  • Best mutton curry ever and lomang in da house! Ya Allah serious sedap. 
  • Trying to figure out the machines and the readings on the tv screen
  • Beautiful skies in the morning and evening... 
  • Selfiess in ICU...hehehe. 

We can never thank enough of everyone...le familia who took care of the kiddos, kata-kata semangat, jokes all around, food supply, daily visits, friendsssss...physically and virtually, whatsapp berderu-deru, FB status and comments, IG comments as well. My apologies, for not picking up some calls during those days...

With dengue berdarah, it was a challenging journey for both of us. But many lessons learnt. Thank you again semua. Tak terbalas jasa semua. Kami sekeluarga mengucapkan jutaan terima kasih, our heartfelt thank you. Thank you nyamuk aedes (indirectly, kan!) for giving us this chance to reflect on our lives. Thank you everyone. Thank you so much...

Alhamdulillah, I'm blessed...why?
I'm blessed to have known all of you
I'm blessed to have all of you as family and friends


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