Monday, 26 May 2014

Thomas Cup!

Thomas Cup Fever! Less than an hour ago, I was glued to the television watching the finals for Thomas Cup. The final match between Liew Daren and Japan Ueda was heart-stopping, heart-pumping, adrenalin rush! Daren, world's ranked 66 was up against Ueda who's world ranked at 25th.

This game was the final match point for both Malaysia and Japan to win the Thomas Cup. For us, it would be a glorified be able to bring home Thomas cup again since 1992. Whereas for Japan, it would be a glorified win...since it would be their first!

Tonight, witnessed another Semangat 1Malaysia via sports. I started watching during the fourth game, between the second doubles. Malaysia just need to win this game and we did! Our doubles V Shem - Wee Kiong gave Malaysia the lifeline...'talian hayat' that we needed, to continue our fight for Thomas Cup. For us supporters, they gave us the reason to jump for glee, to continue screaming, to continue standing up and down, cheering, (cursing...heheheh) and scratching our heads and express ourselves relentlessly... hahaha

It was a tough fight of 2 - 2...and heightened the pressure on our final hope, Liew Darren. Congratulations Japan.You won the Thomas Cup.

But the entire Malaysian team, Dato Lee Chong Wei, world's No. 1, Boon Heong-Thien How, Wei Feng, especially VShem-Wee Kiong and Liew Daren won the heart of many Malaysians! Watch out Commonwealth Games, you'll see and hear us ROAR! GEMURUH SUARA!!!

Gemuruh suara,

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