Thursday, 15 May 2014

Thank you nurses...

An integral part of my life would be hospital life. I know its belated...but I've been wanting to write a big THANK YOU to all the nurses who have helped me and my family in many accounts. They are a source of hope, enjoyment and lessen the anguish on me as parents and daughter to the patients.

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To all the wonderful nurses and matron and support staff at Pantai Medical Centre where I gave birth to all 5 kiddos between 1999 to 2008. You were my pom-pom girls and cheer leading team during labour...the special team who took care of our twin deliveries... you are AWESOME. Thank you!
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To all the cheerful nurses in Tropicana Medical Centre at Level 5, Pearl Ward, thank you tak terhingga every time the kiddos were warded. My heartfelt thank you to all of you, nurses both local and international that worked night and day attending to the never ending patients and parents to the patients demands. Thank you so much from Aleema Nadira, Aleeya Bahira, Aqeela Sufiya and Aiman Zakwan (Adli Irfan is the only kid that has not been warded since birth!) I'm quite a familiar face to Pearl Ward. I only noticed and realised that recently when Aqeela did her operation...when the nurses, regardless of shift, greeted me with ..."Eh, siapa yang warded Puan? The kids mesti dah besar. Twins mana?" Hmmmm....they recognised us. Definitely we have created a mark in their nursing life but I do hope its a positive one!

Next, thank you from the bottom of my heart to the nurses of the adjacent ward to Pearl Ward in Tropicana Medical Centre too, for taking care of my daddy in 2012. He was hospitalised 3 times within 6 months that year. Wahhhhh... the to and fro, and sleepless zombie nights in Tropicana. It was my second home that year. And my experience of handling your own daddy at hospital was frustrating at first, simply because I felt that I was helpless to ease his pain and the anguish look he had on his face, daily. Haihhhh... those were challenging days! But whatever it was, the nurses were forever calm and smiling and had so much cheerfulness in their voices, spirit and what matter most to me...they were sincere in managing the patients and in their day-today job! Kudos! Thank you again in truckloads...

My special thank you to the nurses at ICU Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah Alor Setar, who eased arwah Mak last few days before she left a year ago, exactly at 545am on Monday 13th May 2013. Kami sekeluarga mengucapkan terima kasih kepada kumpulan jururawat yang telah menjaga arwah Mak dengan memberi penjagaan yang terbaik, you've given your best-est effort and professional service admist your never ending tender loving care. Thank you. Hanya Allah swt sahaja yang dapat membals jasa kakak-kakak semua.

To the nurses whom administer patients specifically for several doctors, they are the ones who manage the schedule and appointments for Dr Balachandran, Dr Yeu, Dr Pria, Dr Ganggaram, Dr George and Dr Gan at Tropicana Medical Centre, nurses assigned to these doctors in Pantai Medical Hospital....Dr Idris, Dr Azam, Dr Kamaruddin; for the lovable nurses for Dr Azizan, Dr Noraizah, Dr Harun, Dr Maziah at Damansara Specialist Centre... my thank you and thank you for the relentless effort and support you've given us.THANK YOU! my little cuzzie Nurse Faridatul Zuraida at HKL, you may not be part of my hospital experience, but I'm sure you have touched the heart of many patients and family that you took care of during your many years of being a nurse...just like my accounts mentioned earlier. Ateh ucapkan thank you in truckloads to nurses like you, Eda!

Keep up the fantastic and sincere service. You, yes YOU nurses have helped so many patients and their family in managing our illness and only God could return your favour for us.

To Muslim nurses, my AlFatihah to you, semoga para jururawat semuanya mendapat keredhaan dan barakah dari AlFatihah ini dan kami sekeluarga mendoakan yang terbaik untuk anda sekeluarga juga. Amin.

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Lots of  love

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