Friday, 3 January 2014

Selamat Pagi Cikgu!

Finally, the day has come that 'de house' is back in order! hahaha... Setelah bercuti selama hampir 2 bulan, semalam merupakan hari pertama sekolah untuk anak-anak semua. The first day at school was good. Alhamdulillah...

All 5 kiddos are school going children. Hence, we began the routine since last night. Preparing the bags, shoes, socks and endless reminder on 'YOU need to sleep early! Else tak terbangun pagi esok!' . So its 4 morning sessions and a solo in the afternoon.

Earlier we did the necessary visits...they would be a visit to the barber for the boys, stationary shop for boxes of colour pencils, pencils, pen, erasers, sharpener, rulers (you name it!); next would be the water bottles and lunch boxes, and shoessss...and uniforms! These items would come from our usual 3 main shops...Canggih outlet, Bata and Star Enterprise at TTDI. At Star Enterprise, I dare to vouch that everything ...YES...everything you practically need for school, regardless of level, primary ka secondary ka, they have it! Superb. One stop centre.(Mommy happy mode la!) Then we've got the school fees and transportation fees too. The list of things -to-buy is endless.

These basic necessities for school start up costs us a 'bomb' and put a hole in our pockets. But, I guess, as parents we would want to give the best of our abilities for the children...not to over protect them, not to lavish them with material stuff unnecessarily (its your own definition!) lavish them with love, teach them to be strong mentally and spiritually.

I pray for a fantastic 2014 for me, le familia, friends, bosses, leaders and business partners. Lets make more money for our kids future, and for the next generation better living. Happy New Year everyone!


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