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Jom sihat! what's in your food?

Yeah...yeah...yeah...blame it on modernisation! its always microwavable or fast food or on-the-go food! But they are simply delicious kan....sigh....

My thoughts, of course you can't avoid the fast food...for example, I live less than 2 minutes walk (walk ye...bukan 2 minutes drive...kalau drive, lagi la dekat!!!) to a KFC, Pizza Hut and McDonalds...and all 3 operate 24 hours (I think!) and then there is extra sedap Nasi Lemak Pak Din just around the corner. Could you guess the quality of food that we feed our body, compared to our parents and their parents before that?

I try to homecook whenever I can, especially weekends and public holidays. These are little things that I could ensure a better lifestyle and healthier living! This is our weekly routine, once we are back from pasar. The usual loot that one would see from my 'bakul pasar' would be chicken meat, red meat ...daging batang pinang (bila ada extra and time dapat gaji, else...daging bahagian biasa je ye!), veggies ....broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprout, taugeh, sawi, bayam, kangkung, tomatoes and chilies. We are one family who survived with fish and fish and fish! Once in a while we would have seafood in the kitchen.

My late MIL would always remind me to cleanse the she used to do it: to soak the veggies into a bowl of water mix with salt. You could actually see the water turn slightly green at times. According to her, this act would eradicate pesticides from the veggies.

My mom, would urged us to cleanse our stuff like this:

  • chicken with flour - you practically should generously cover the surface of the chicken with flour (errrrr....lumur ayam dengan tepung!)  
  • seafood with salt - sprinkle some cooking salt and mix them, let it be for awhile, and cleanse with tap water prior to cooking

Just last year, I was introduced to this machine, very light machine which is portable and what it does is that it helps to purify your raw stuff or loot from the usual market, including chicken, meat, seafood, veggies, fruits.
azween just nak share my experience menggunakan sendiri mesin ni untuk detox hasil tangkapan dari pasar, setiap minggu...hihihi..(hasil tangkapan tu yang tak tahan! LOL). Anyway, I'm extremely satisfied with this machine, its called Biozone Food Purifier. My view:

  • Its easy to use, there is allocated time given to detox different types of food - fish (15 minutes), meat (30 minutes) veggies (15 minutes) etc.
  • Handy - portable and its just plug and play... meaning all you need is just a power plug / socket, 
  • Easy storage - its rather small and you could just place it in your kitchen cabinet (it doesn't have to be mounted or anything like that)

Now, even my helper insisted to cleanse / detox our loot before we cook ...amboiiii curlastt gitu! Trust me, its very easy to use this machine...azween nak share some pics from one of our many weekly detox activities...and what comes out from our detox activity...the saturated fat from chicken and meat, the smell of amonia like from seafood...urghhhh!



Try burning the foam
The foam turn-out plastic like

Fish / Seafood
So here's more detail on Biozone Food Purifier from the manufacturer! Check this out ya...Its a bit detail and rather technical, but make time to read. Happy reading peeps :)

BIOZONE Food Purifier uses a proprietary process integrating ozone-resistant materials to convert oxygen (O2) into ozone (O3). The ozone that eliminates contaminants will be converted back into oxygen. The medical grade silicone tube will then channel the ozone into the water where the food is immersed. Bubbling process will take place to purify the food within the pre-determined time frame.  

How long do I need to purify the vegetables and meat?
Please refer to the operating instruction manual found inside the packaging box. Generally, all the food (Eg : fruits, vegetables, seafood) require 15 minutes. Only meat (Eg : chicken, lamb, beef) requires 30 minutes. This machine operates at maximum 45 minutes, which can be used for long bath or refrigerator. 

Moreover, there is 3 minutes ON/OFF sanitising function for a liter of water. This sanitising function is used to remove bacteria on the surface of food in a quick manner without the use of water. Generally, if you have more water, you can multiply timing accordingly. The maximum volume of water is 10 litres or 30 minutes.

What happens if the ceramic stone or silicone tube is broken?
Replace with a new set which comprises a ceramic stone and a silicone tube. 

Why do I need to perform the general maintenance after 2 years from the date of  purchase?
The technician will open up the BIOZONE Food Purifier machine to check and clean all internal parts, including calibration. This is to ensure that BIOZONE Food Purifier operates at optimum performance and last longer. 

Do I need to purify for longer interval if I have a lot of foods?
BIOZONE Food Purifier is designed for HOUSEHOLD USE only. Assuming you have 3 – 4 chicken portions, it is still fine to take 30 minutes to purify the meat as long as you adhere to the maximum water volume of 10 litres. 

Does it consume excessive electricity?
No. The electricity power consumption is minimal at 35 Watts only. It is like lighting up a bulb in your house.

How do I service the ceramic stone?
Plug the silicone tube out from the machine. Use a toothbrush to gently brush the surface of the ceramic stone under the tap running water. After that, air-dry. Once a while, dry it under the sun. If there is any bad odour, you may purify the ceramic stone in plain water for few minutes and air-dry.

Will the food nutrients be lost in the purifying process?
We have a laboratory test on the meat to show that most of the nutrients are maintained. This can only be possible using a good food purifier. If you use conventional technology, it might reduce the nutrients substantially. 

Do I need to wash the food again after purification?
It is not necessary to wash the food after purification process. But, if you feel the need to rinse the food after purification, you can use filtered water to avoid any re-contamination with tap water.

How long can the BIOZONE Food Purifier last?After the first 2 years, as long as you send back the machine for general maintenance once a year, it can last very long.

Why can’t I use a plastic container and what other bowls can I use?
Not all plastics are ozone-resistant. Generally, we do not advise to use plastic bowls. It would be best to use stainless steel or glass bowls.

Can I use to clean baby bottles?
Generally for plastics, we try to avoid direct purification. You can first purify the water in a glass or stainless steel container and use the purified water to rinse the baby bottles.

Why meat has foam, but for vegetables, it is not visible?
Pesticides are generally soluble in water, hence it is not visible.  For the foam, it is a long chain of fatty acid which is more prevalent in meat.  Most of the fatty acid has polymer-based compounds which may be difficult for the body to absorb. If the body is able to absorb, it actually goes into the blood stream which may be bad for health over a long period of intake.

Can I remove antibiotics from the meat during purification process?
The foam did not reveal any antibiotic trace, but during the 30 minutes purification process, the laboratory test report showed that antibiotic was absent after purification.

Will the foam be totally gone if I detoxify for longer periods of time?
The chances of the foam being totally gone is rare because more fats can be removed through longer periods of purification. The side effects would be more nutrients lost. Hence, we do not need to over-purify the meat.

Some vegetables and fruits float up during the purification process. What can I do?
Just use a cover to close the bowl with a small gap for the silicone tube to pass through, as long as the cover is not made of plastic material. 

How can I be certain that BIOZONE Food Purifier can perform 100% purification?
We do not claim that BIOZONE Food Purifier can purify all chemicals by 100%. Our objective is to try to minimise as much chemicals as possible before we consume the food. Most chemicals can be reduced through the BIOZONE Purification Process, which we have a series of laboratory tests to share. Scientifically proven in many advanced countries, ozone technology is commonly used for purification of water, food and swimming pool treatment.

Need I say more? tak perlu la kot kan! Give it a try...I'm more than happy to give you a free demo of my machine... just drop me a note ya... TAKE CARE!


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