Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Pray for Kuantan...K Shila, U are AWESOME!

I guess the fuzz about social media...the likes of facebook, twitter, wechat, whatsapp, keek and what not, obviously have it pros and cons. But lets just focus on the positive side, right people?

Since graduation, we were busy with our own lives...making a career, pursued our masters program, courting, got married, started our family...there was hardly extra time for get-together sessions. However, we re-connected via FB! It was a great innovation in communication. Then we created our whatsapp group called IIUM...merely the sisters from Kulliyyah Economics 1990-1994, which consisted of three main streams...accountancy, economics and business administration.

Recently with the flood situation in Kuantan, we immediately rallied help in terms of cash and manpower from everybody to provide basic amenities...mainly food and clean water; to be distributed to the needy. We have K Shila and geng, who are based in Kuantan, who took the lead for our 'pray-for-kuantan' mission.

The frequent updates and motivation garnered from our whatsapp group was tremendously forthcoming. It moved many of us to tears with the pictures of flood situation from our very own sisters, real life situations and commotion, and frustrations and HOPE!

In dire situations like the recent flood in Kuantan, I would vouch that social media was our main channel of communication...and WE, yes...YOU and ME, we have control of what we post and share...to ensure only the truth!

Lets do our bit to help those in need. 
Lets do improvement within our own circle of control. 
Lets do our bit for a better Malaysia. 
Lets do our bit...

Specially for Kak Shila and geng...thank you so much. Thank you for your endless effort, energy and superb samaritan. Teima kasih dari kami semua di KL...hanya Allah swt sahaja yang mampu membalas jasa mu kakak. Semoga kak Shila and geng, sentiasa dirahmati dan diberkati oleh NYA...We love you in truckloads!!!


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